Updates on my Directories and related news

Ahh, it must be time for a little update here in 2007.
I have been very busy with some client tasks the past days and will continue the next couple of weeks with their projects.
Nevertheless, I keep my focus on the directories, and try to review as much as possible to keep the queues stable.

Late 2006 and start 2007 have shown me very pleasing results throughout all my directories. More of my backlinks are catching on, and I am getting better and better SERPs for my "niches"
I can mention a couple for Global WebLinks here - Google search on:
Quality directory - Rank #2 (84 million results)
SEO friendly directory - Rank #6 (1.6 million results)
Family friendly directory - Rank #2 (4 million results)

And for my detail pages, I rank extremely well on multi-word searches.. This is a clear sign, that what I have been doing the last year, isn't to bad after all 🙂
Traffic for Global-weblinks has risen to around 1000 uniques a day, and improves daily.

Same on my Danish Regional Directory, which has around 2000 uniques these days. 95% of all searches go directly down to the detail-pages as I had worked on they should. (You can read my post about rel="nofollow" flag for info)

Other news updates are:
Im participating in a couple of contests, and its going ok there to.
One is the "directoryranking.com" which shows the best directories for a predefined listing, and woups, I rank #1 on Google with Global-weblinks.com on a standard listing 🙂
The "directorycontest.com" is a bit harder, and I'm ranking 15 atm. 1000*factor more pages trying to rank for it, and I belive alot of the best sites, are trying to drive insane backlinks to their pages, so lets call it a SEO contest, and not Directory Contest.
I will probably do the same as eveyrone else is, and drive some hard backlinks to the detail page, as it is allowed in the rules.

Recently got interviewed by talkdirectories.com, a new Directory forum on the net. You can find the complete interview here:

Well, I guess this goes for my first 2007 post, and when I get the client tasks done, I will be back and updating you some more 🙂


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