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Well, it has been a while since my last update so a little summary since last update is in place.
I have been working on several client projects lately and helping with everything from design, new functions to search engine optimization (søgemaskineoptimering). Client names will not be mentioned as they seek privacy in who developed their systems. (Their wish - my command)

My Danish digg-clone site aNyhed.dk also got a couple of updates on the way (new server) and made a better Vote Now button for better performance for the end users along side with a more stable button, meaning if my site go down, it will not influence the users who use this button on their website/blog.
I have also coded a button generator so you can specify the colors you wish on your button.
The visitor count still varies much and the site still needs to settle more in with the Danes. My guess is a PR update might inspire more to submit news and stories to the site. Time will tell.

I have also been working on my Danish Brands Directory a bit and fine tuned some functions so it is more up-to date with my current versioning of my Directory Script.
I can only hope more English written Danish websites will submit their site here - it looks like it is starting to go the right way with many recent submissions. Keep them coming please 🙂

And now back to my headline: Twitter. It is the big buzz word in Denmark these days, so I better mention it also. It is a microblogging site where you with short messages can inform your network of your current activities.
I can not really see the big purpose of informing everyone about my small daily activities (walking the dog, going shopping, discuss the price of ham etc) - but still seems many jump upon the wagon and try it. You can see my Twitter profile here and subscribe to it if you wish.

If you are Danish and like some more information on Social media/networks/software I can highly recommend the webcast & podcast made by Ib Potter on a seminar by Andreas Johannsen.
View the webcast below or go directly to the article.


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