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socbo - social bookmarksWith a little rush I have created a social bookmarking site for Danes - a clone of the famous many of us know and use.
Riisager beat me to it with his release of 1 day before me, but I am sure we both appreciate the competition and together can help broaden the awareness of social bookmarking sites in Denmark.
It is all about exploring new territories and this is something I love about the internet. New untouched possibilities arise all the time and free for us all to grab out and get.

My first social community site - General News, is still going good with 228 registered members at this time. I have been pondering for some time now with some ideas to launch a bookmarking website and a video sharing website.

I started the development on the Video site and have been on it some weeks now, but with the release of Riisagers social bookmarking site yesterday, I changed my priority and launched quite quickly today.

Next couple of days will be used to close bugs and improve the site where I see fit.
I have a thought about making a plugin button for both FF and IE so users easy can add new sites.

After these adjustments, I will continue on the Video Sharing site. More info on this site will come later. Also see my latest page about Broadband in Denmark.

Update: Due to heavy spam on the Scuttle script, I have made a post about how to Protect a Scuttle site from Spam.


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  1. 1. June 2nd, 2008

    Its a great idea Claus. Its a shame that the two sites (yours and Riisagers) are so similar in style/layout. I guess you’re using the same engine?

  2. 2. June 2nd, 2008

    Cheers Mikael,
    Yeah the styles are very similar and it is indeed the same script, but personally I do not think it is a huge problem. Bookmarking should be simple imo.
    I like the simple design and guess I will focus more on some new functions and features to dissociate from similar sites.

  3. 3. May 24th, 2010

    thanks you very much for this post that will help me social bookmarking..



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