Shared servers for webhosting - You just gotta hate it

Again today I am having trouble with my webhost. And they have no clue on what service and support means. I cannot get a hold on them. Grrrrrrrrrr.  4 of my directories are affected as they are on the same server/ip
System Resources Exceeded.

I am the only to blaim for this, and I need to learn from this right NOW.
Looking at several dedicated servers atm for my directories, so I'm not in the hands on some script noob making deadlocks in his scripts.

Same thing happend christmas eve, I mailed and phoned the support constantly, and they first replied to me the 27th December, and had no clue what had happend.. Wonder how any webhosting company can survive with this kind of support..
I got over 30 domains hosted at them, and they are all getting moved now.


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