Think this is the first time I try to collect all the different stuff I have had some kind of impact on.
This list will be updated as I get involved in more projects.

If you have any interesting projects in mind, drop me a line on e-mail admin[@]clausheinrich.com

Most recent will be listed on top, seperated in personal projects and client projects:

NOTICE 2010: I have stopped updating this page. I will keep this list updated on my company page instead - Webdesign referencer.

2009 personal projects:

2009 client projects:

2008 personal projects:

2008 client projects:

2007 personal projects:

2007 client projects:

2006 personal projects:

2006 customer projects:

2005 projects:

Hmm, almost no reason to keep going on. But I have been doing this for over 10 years, so there are alot more sites.
When I get some more time, I will probably add some more of the older sites.
You can also see my danish webdesign portfolio.


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