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Well, it has been a while since my last update so a little summary since last update is in place.
I have been working on several client projects lately and helping with everything from design, new functions to search engine optimization (søgemaskineoptimering). Client names will not be mentioned as they seek privacy in who developed their systems. (Their wish - my command)

My Danish digg-clone site aNyhed.dk also got a couple of updates on the way (new server) and made a better Vote Now button for better performance for the end users along side with a more stable button, meaning if my site go down, it will not influence the users who use this button on their website/blog.
I have also coded a button generator so you can specify the colors you wish on your button.
The visitor count still varies much and the site still needs to settle more in with the Danes. My guess is a PR update might inspire more to submit news and stories to the site. Time will tell.

I have also been working on my Danish Brands Directory a bit and fine tuned some functions so it is more up-to date with my current versioning of my Directory Script.
I can only hope more English written Danish websites will submit their site here - it looks like it is starting to go the right way with many recent submissions. Keep them coming please 🙂


New game tool for Fallen Sword - Find buffers easy

Yesterday I spent some hours to develop a little tool in AJAX/JavaScript/VB/ASP for a game I enjoy playing when I need a break from RL

Fallen Sword is a browser based massive multiplayer online game (MMO). Pretty simple and retro, but I still like it.

The tool will help players find specific buffers quicker than normal. Select a Buff/Skill in the dropdown menu and you will get a list of potential buffers, the level of buff and price.

find buff fallen sword

I have also coded the rest of the Fallen Empire Guild site.
Players or representatives will fill the database with data and hope it will come in handy for everyone in time. (I know it will at least help me)

I have made a request to the developers behind the game, to get a chance to make SOAP requests to the game servers, so I can further enhance this tool. Hope they will allow it.



Free games portal created in Denmark

As I am in between projects right now, I have used a couple of days on a new site in my private portfolio.
It is a regular free flash games site for now. It will be expanded with many categories and I am only trying to get the quality games around I can find.

de gratis spil


Latest updates and news from my end

I guess it is time for a little update on the stuff that has been going on in my company Koala Designs lately.

Together with a friend from US, I will in the near future release a link spy service in Denmark, for webmasters to keep track of any kinds of backlinks they got.
Often website owners have special partner link deals, bought links (oh noo) or similar they want to keep track on, and this new service will do that for them and inform by email if any changes are made where the links are placed..
Also options as bulk upload of all your partnerlinks and customizing how and when you want to be noted of link changes. (instant, daily, weekly etc.)
Can track anything from nofollow tags to 302, 301 redirects.

No need to manually check the other sites to make sure they live up to your deal.

I have personally used this service for some time, and I simply love it and soon will share with the rest of Denmark.

There will be a small fee to use this service, depending on the number of links you want to track, but it sure is worth it, looking at time and effort saved on checking the same backlinks over and over again.
I will give more information on this blog when the site and service is up and running.


New ping service for the Danish blogosphere

Not long ago I got informed of a new ping & trackback service released for the Danish bloggers. Twingly 
You can make automatic pings to them from your blog. Simple insert this link under ping services on in your blog admin - http://rpc.twingly.com/
(For wordpress users: Go to Options -> Writing)

Politiken  is the first big media in Denmark to try this specific service from Twingly. If you link to a specific article from Politiken, your own link will be shown on the specific article and point back to you.
(It runs through a JavaScript so no reason to try this if are only interested in more link love)

Similar cases:
Information.dk was the first daily news paper (online media) that I know to try this sort of trackback service delivered by overskrift.dk.
If you ask me I think it gives a good synergy between the online media and the public opinion on news.


aNyhed - News site for Danes

I better mention one of my new projects aNyhed.dk - a digg like clone in Danish I started jan 19 2008.
The principle is straight forward: You can submit news of any kind and other members can vote for that particular news / story. Only the most popular stories will hit the front page of aNyhed.dk.

anyhed screenshot


Giant updates almost done on Contact Lenses - Glasses website

Last 2 months I have been highly dedicated to update a Danish webshop I build from scratch.

Synspunkt.com is more or less ready to sell Contact Lenses (In Danish Kontaktlinser) & Glasses on the Danish market and I am very close to being done with all the functions and workflow.

Solbriller - Kontaktlinser - Briller synspunkt.com


Website screenshots changed on my directory

Until now I have relied on 3. party to deliver my screenshots of the websites I have in my directories.
I started out using Thumbshots.org, but they only had screenshots of Dmoz registered pages, so I changed it to Alexa that offered a free service until last year.
I noticed a lot of other used girafa.com and I went on that wagon to, but suddenly the screenshots didn't work anymore. (read: last week)

Soo, now I have decided not to rely on any 3. party to deliver my screenshots / thumbnails anymore. Simple too much work and not stable enough for me and my needs.

I have started out on my regional directory Danske Links and added a local hosted screenshot to every listing in 300*300px and 100*100px (That's 5000 screenshots)

I have automated the process as much as I can, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The thumbnails/screenshots will give the users a better idea what site they are about to go to, before they actually get there.

Next up is my other directories, starting with Global Weblinks and then I will incorporate on all the others as I get the time to make the appropriate code changes.

November dedicated to client project

Ok, just a little update on projects.
November I have agreed to help a client with some major updates on their webshop - Synspunkt.com

I made this shop in 2005 and have been updating yearly with new features. Now it is time to expand the webshop so they can sell contact lenses and custom made glasses.
The design will also be changed a bit, and I will try to incorporate multiple languages as it was once before. (more…)

Google Maps integration started

I'm working on a little expansion to a couple of my business related directories.

Integration of Google Maps on all detailpages, if the address have been addded under submission.
I still need to work out the last details, and correct my SOAP requests to get correct getcoding from address -> coordinates.

Development is at 80% atm. and I expect to lauch this feature before jan. 2008 if all goes well.

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