News and updates from me - it's about time

It has been a while since my last update on this blog, so feel it is time to update those who have any interest in what I am doing.
First of all I have updated this blog to the latest version (used a 1½ year old wp version) - the update screwed most of my posts up with weird characters here and there.
All my former posts have been manually updated, removed the weird characters, removed old/broken links, updated tags from Simple Tags to the built in tags WP use now.

Since I started this blog in 2006 my work has become more and more regional based (Danish) - and this is the main reason this specific blog hasn't been updated much.

Some might have noticed I added 2 flags in the top right corner of this blog. I started a Danish blog not long ago on this domain that I update quite frequently - check that out if you want to read what I am up to. (Use if you want to translate it to danish)

This English blog will still remain and I will update it when there are some info that I want to share to the international audience.

Enough from me - it is weekend and time to relax


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