New Paid Quality Directory created today

alluc1.jpgAfter about 15 hours of work I have my new Paid Directory ready for launch. is my newborn directory, and it will be one of the directories I will continue to work hardest on to get a good and strong directory for the future. (This will mean days, weeks, months, years of promoting it)

The directory is based on my own script used on all my other directories aswell.
The directory will be ad-free. Meaning no adsense or affiliate banners.

It will only accept quality content sites. (Quality over money)
All listings is permanent and will remain to atleast year 2050
I will have a max # listings in each category. Not set yet, but probably 15-20 

Prices for submitting is set high, as this in time will be a high PageRank / Page Strong directory.
- Featured $44.85
- Featured Deep Link $54.85
- Standard $14.85
- Standard Deep Link $24.85
- Standard with Reciprocal (PR2 minimum) $6.85


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