New game tool for Fallen Sword - Find buffers easy

Yesterday I spent some hours to develop a little tool in AJAX/JavaScript/VB/ASP for a game I enjoy playing when I need a break from RL

Fallen Sword is a browser based massive multiplayer online game (MMO). Pretty simple and retro, but I still like it.

The tool will help players find specific buffers quicker than normal. Select a Buff/Skill in the dropdown menu and you will get a list of potential buffers, the level of buff and price.

find buff fallen sword

I have also coded the rest of the Fallen Empire Guild site.
Players or representatives will fill the database with data and hope it will come in handy for everyone in time. (I know it will at least help me)

I have made a request to the developers behind the game, to get a chance to make SOAP requests to the game servers, so I can further enhance this tool. Hope they will allow it.


Update 2008.04.21:

Just a quick update to show the visitor bonus you can get from makeing webtools for popular online games. Notice the day 23. march in the x-axis where I released the tool.
The site went from 70-100 daily uniques to 3oo a weeks time and after that at 750-800 daily. Still growing as more and more players in the game gets aware of the tool.

fallensword buff tool stat


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  1. 1. March 31st, 2008

    Hi, thank you for the tool I have just subscribed to fallen sword…. very good game!!!

  2. 2. July 16th, 2008

    My friend, is your tool any kind of free code tool? I used it and I think it´s great, so I want to put something like this in our guil website. Could you explain to me how you id it, or, if it´s possible, could you sen me the sources?

    Thanks a lot.

    Tiago Monteiro
  3. 3. July 17th, 2008

    Hello Tiago,

    I’m afraid it is not possible to make it as a free/open script.
    I have merged the tool into the rest of the system I coded for the site so would take to much work for me to pull it apart

  4. 4. September 12th, 2008

    im the 3rd riched guy on fallensword k0uall



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