Michael Rasmussen kicked from Tour de France - A sad day

As a Dane, I have been following Tour de France intense, and yesterdays big news - M. Rasmussen suspended from Rabobank, and pulled out of the Tour de France while he was in the yellow jersey and stood to win the whole race.


I have been watching Le Tour de France for the last 15+ years with great joy, but this scenario has just grown over my head.

The Press have been on a witchhunt and finally they brought him down to his knees - Not that he has been testet positive for any doping, but rather some lose fact about he had been spotted in Italy while he claims to have been in Mexico. A word vs word case, but Rasmussen have already been accused, judged and executed by Rabobank..

I trust Michael Rasmussen until I see some crystal clear evidense against him, and feel the whole suspension case here was made as a panic attack from the leaders on the Rabobank team. They have made so many misjudgements and this is just the topping on the cake.

I really hope Michael Rasmussen will get the strength to fight back and reclaim some of his trust. I know many of his fans wont judge him before some clear evidence is put forward.

The riders from Tour de France who have been caught in doping have rightfully been removed from the race and I can 100% understand that. But this is just rumor based and is breaking a great man! A fucked world tbh.

I will be writing more about cycling on my dedicated blog. And if you live in Denmark, you can get a good solid bike / cykel at Coop Danmark - we just bought 2.


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  1. 1. August 6th, 2007

    I agree entirely. Have followed Tour de France for about 12 years. This year was brilliant up to stage 16. Michael Rasmussen was having a wonderful tour, was going to win. Then dropped by team for no reason that makes any sense. He has been badly let down by team management and I hope he is able to get through this and return to cycling as soon as possible.

    John Leaver
  2. 2. August 24th, 2007

    I agree also – I have been watching Michael ride the Tour de France on TV late at night here in Australia since his first King of the Mountain wins in previous tours and was totally dismayed the next day when my daughter phoned to tell me that he had been removed by his team.
    I have signed in support at the kyllingen.com site and added a support site to facebook too! It will be great if he signs with the Italian team and races in the Lombardy race. 3 Cheers for the Danish race organisers who asked him to race in his first race back and to the dutch race organisers also who invited him to race recently.
    I found your site thru looking for Michael Rasmussen news in google 🙂
    This is a great site, Claus, I teach information systems and technology students at Deakin University and I will be advising them in class to visit your sites and have a good look at how well laid out and easy to use and understand they are- you have a wonderful mix of useful information and a goodlooking and easy to navigate site which shows students what using the web is all about 🙂

    Marie van der Klooster
  3. 3. August 24th, 2007

    Hi Marie. Thanks for your really positive comment. It warms my heart when I read it 🙂 Kyllingen.com also got my signature, and I hope it will workout for him with this new Italian team. He deserves it.
    Hehe, yeah in both races recently he had a jellow jersey on with no ads 🙂

  4. 4. May 27th, 2008

    The best climber of the Tour earns respect! He was robbed by his own manager from victory. Let’s draw attention to the back-stabbing behavior.

    Ronald van Uden
  5. 5. May 27th, 2008

    He got my support still. I hate the way it all turned out last year..
    Last thing I heard a few days ago was M. Rasmussen will try to claim his winning back from Rabobank (XX Millions of € (Euro))


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