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I guess it is time for a little update on the stuff that has been going on in my company Koala Designs lately.

Together with a friend from US, I will in the near future release a link spy service in Denmark, for webmasters to keep track of any kinds of backlinks they got.
Often website owners have special partner link deals, bought links (oh noo) or similar they want to keep track on, and this new service will do that for them and inform by email if any changes are made where the links are placed..
Also options as bulk upload of all your partnerlinks and customizing how and when you want to be noted of link changes. (instant, daily, weekly etc.)
Can track anything from nofollow tags to 302, 301 redirects.

No need to manually check the other sites to make sure they live up to your deal.

I have personally used this service for some time, and I simply love it and soon will share with the rest of Denmark.

There will be a small fee to use this service, depending on the number of links you want to track, but it sure is worth it, looking at time and effort saved on checking the same backlinks over and over again.
I will give more information on this blog when the site and service is up and running.

Recent work:
I have finished the last part on and they now also offer Contact Lenses / Kontaktlinser online for sale. This finishes some big changes on that site for now. New development will continue on the webshop, but no big issues right now.

Synspunkt - briller, kontaktlinser og solbriller

New Firefox Plugin created for my users on, a Danish news community. This plugin will create some shortcuts directly in your Firefox browser where you easily can submit new stories to with a click.
Progress on this site is also good. Get new users signed up daily and daily visitor count keeps going upward.

anyhed firefox plugin

Danske Weblogs (a blog directory) has been updated with new system to handle screenshots. Now every blog listed has a 100*100px and 300*300px screenshot attached to their listing.
At the same time, I updated the Vote/Rating functionality to all pages of the site. (Full integration)
2 new pages created to show most popular blogs and most rated blogs.

danske weblogs

Fallen Sword Calculators: I have made some online calculators for an online game (along with the rest of the site).
Attack & Damage Calculator
Experience Variation Calculator

Calculators Fallen Sword


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