Free games portal created in Denmark

As I am in between projects right now, I have used a couple of days on a new site in my private portfolio.
It is a regular free flash games site for now. It will be expanded with many categories and I am only trying to get the quality games around I can find.

de gratis spil

I got some future plans for the site with user accounts and a karma/point system where users can earn points by:

  • Logging in
  • Submitting new games
  • Rating games
  • Commenting on games
  • Referring new members to the site
  • Etc.

And maybe users could get a chance to trade their points for other kinds of valuables / services.

I am aware of the many game portal sites already around, but there are also a giant user base to target in this.
Many of the other game sites seem to have neglected on the SEO part, and this is where I can have a chance to get some success with this site. It is built on my own made CMS and know it works like a charm 🙂

Further development on this site will be made when I get some breaks from the more serious projects I got comming.


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