Favicons to brand and get traffic to your webpage

Favicon is something I have known about for many years now as a web developer, but actually never bothered to spend the time to set it up on my sites as I really didn't see the great usage for it. Bling Bling

For some reason I did not see nor predict the many benefits with this little 16x16 icon, and YouShouldKnow.com gave me a little bit of an eye opener after reading his blog post about Passive Digital Branding.
With some few and easy steps, you can without any future concerns, brand your logo into many peoples minds through their browser.

All the standards-compliant browsers will show your little icon Global Web Links several places on their browser while they browse on your site. If you are so lucky your guests bookmark your site, then it will also be shown on their bookmark list, and "stand out" among the others that don't use it.
97% of the last sites YouShouldKnow.com visited, no icons was to be found. And I can agree on that, I see many many sites daily, and very few have Favicons. This means YOU got a chance to stand out of the crowd. This is a valuable thing on todays internet

How do I get a favicon?
Well, it is so easy, everyone can do this, and will only take a few minutes to do. Let me show you the steps:

  1. You need some software to make the graphical icon. You can get free software to it here:
    This is so easy to use. you simple upload your logo, and this free software transforms it into a compliant format and you can save it to your disk.
  2. Now you need to upload your .ico file to the root of your domain and then insert this code between your <head>... </head>  and voila.
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >

If you use subdomains, then you need to upload the icon to the subdomains aswell.


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  1. 1. January 15th, 2007

    Claus, it surely is amazing when you look at how many sites are not using a favicon.ico file. Many webmasters in the past have spared very little effort in initiating this simple addition to their site. It takes less than 2 mins to execute and the benefits last the life of the website.

    Warmest Regards!

  2. 2. January 16th, 2007

    Yeah, that is so true Frank.
    I thank you for getting my attention to this overlooked aspect of marketing/branding.

  3. 3. May 2nd, 2008

    At favicon.cc you can also make animated favicons.


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