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One week ago I bought an old Danish domain - Snydekoder -, after the previous owner gave up on it. They had a major crash in 2007 where they lost over 20.000 cheat codes over night and failed to recover the databases. The previous owners tried a couple of times to rebuild it back to what it used to be, but gave up after a couple of tries.
(Note to everyone: Remember to backup your databases/files regularly ^^)

I have started the site from scratch with some fresh software and the goal is make a great place for Danes to find their cheat codes (snydekoder) for any game they like. (Yeah I know there are some great international sites with cheat codes, but many Danes like it served to them in Danish if possible.)

Since I have quite a lot of experience with directories, this challenge was not so scary to me.
I have started with a general directory script and reprogrammed it a bit too only show articles in form of cheat codes.
Besides the actual cheat codes, I have also made a blog about cheat codes and a forum to share cheat codes for the site. This should give the users a better chance to communicate and help each other.

Right now the database only contains around 100 cheat codes, but new codes are submitted / approved daily. It will take some time (read years) to get the site back on track, but I'm pretty sure it will go quite good.

Any comments on the site, improvements etc. are more than welcome 🙂


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  1. 1. July 27th, 2008

    I’m so sad to hear they lost their database. I used the site so many times when I was younger.

    Good luck rebuilding it. Isn’t it possible to somehow “grab” cheats from other cheat sites and then built it into your site. That would be the best way to restore a lot of the old cheats.

  2. 2. July 27th, 2008

    It would probably be possible to build some spider to go through waybackmachine and get some of the old codes from the former site.
    But my plan is to have unique danish written codes and not scrape any other site.
    Through the forum I have a great community growing very fast and they gladly contribute with unique codes for the index almost daily. I am very positive about the future of the site.

    But thanks for the gl wish 🙂 I am sure we will be back in front again within a year


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