Caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN - Introduction

The speed of websites has become a hot topic worldwide - Faster page load speed gives the users a better experience while browsing your website, in addition it will benefit you in search engines like Google. (Speed is included as a factor in the calculation of how your site should be placed in search results).
You can achieve faster pageloads by using Caching and reduce the workload of the server by providing users with cached files instead of all users create their own database / file calls when a page is visited. This means that your website will be much better equipped to handle large spikes of traffic. (Known as the Digg effect).

I've split up this article about Caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN up in 4 parts, due to the volume.

  • Introduction to caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN (reading now)
  • Configuring W3 Total Cache. (coming soon)
  • Configuring the CDN (Content Delivery Network). (coming soon)
  • Connect W3 Total Cache and CDN. (coming soon)


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