a Contest for Directories

Directory Contest at directorycontest.comI just found this Directory Contest through my favorite forum DP. Its a great competition between directory owners, to show how good and strong their directory is.
Winners will be the top 10 directories that show up on Google search on the Directory Contests webpage ""
End date for the contest is February 6. 2007, 10 AM P.S.T

Prizes are donated by several sponsors, and the total prizesum keeps going up as more sponsors join in.


1. Prize $2000
2. Prize $400
3. Prize $200
+ alot of other goodies. See the current prizes here

I love this. After working hard all year with theese directories I own, I can finally put one of them to the test. I'm gonna use Global WebLinks Directory as my entry. (The wise thing might have been to put it up on my strongest directory, but I really like to try my international directory on this, as it is my plan to improve this directory alot in the new year and it will be my Flag Ship 🙂 )
The directory have had a really hard ride after I made a complete site structure change this summer. Google did not like that change, and I was out in the void for 2 months, and now ... slowly ... returning to what I would expect of my directory. Traffic is going up by the day, and my audience is turning over to "normal people" from SE and not just webmasters looking for a free link.

Only sad thing is I first spot this competition now 🙂 But I'm sure it will go ok
If you own a directory, then join this contest. I really recommend it!

Neat tool to measure your page strength

SEOMozI stumpled upon this great tool from SEOmoz to measure your Page Strength, a measure made by checking various things like inbound links, popularity, mentions of your page across the www.
The tool gives you a relative importance / visibility of a webpage.

I belive this tools is way better to determine how strong a page is, whereas PageRank only gives you a measure of the inbound links
Aviva directory has made a collection of various paid directories and their link strength. Check them out

Blog moved

Ok, it didnt take me many hours to realize that I really had to move this blog, so better do it now before I write to many posts.
I have moved the old posts I had on to this new domain.

New domain is and this will be my primary place to speak my mind and ideas in the future.

I will use the next couple of days setting up the blog as I like it, with design, functions, plugins etc..Stay tuned

About selecting the right blog

I thought had the right blog for me, but here at day 3 I realize that it was a wrong pick. If I had done my research a bit better, I could have saved myself some double work.
While I love to have complete control of things, the point getting my hands down into the blog code and eg setting up my meta structure on every sub page is impossible with the hosted sites. No FTP rights

It seems I should have downloaded the version at instead, to get the flexible version.

Im to lazy to change this now, so it has earned a spot on my growing To-Do list, but it should remind me to checks things better, before jumping into the unknown

New Danish Webmaster Forum

As an addition to my regional danish directory, Iv added a new forum, where danish webmasters can come and discuss anything with relation to webdevelopment, marketing and such.

The forum is pretty new, but I hope in time it will be a gathering point for danish webmasters. I love to hand out of the knowledge I have, if people need help.
I know it is hard to get an active forum up and running, but also thought it was a shame many of the tips and ideas I and others I communicate with, never reached a broader public.
If I get emails or contact with questions regarding webdevelopment, I refer them to the forum now

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