Caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN - Introduction

The speed of websites has become a hot topic worldwide - Faster page load speed gives the users a better experience while browsing your website, in addition it will benefit you in search engines like Google. (Speed is included as a factor in the calculation of how your site should be placed in search results).
You can achieve faster pageloads by using Caching and reduce the workload of the server by providing users with cached files instead of all users create their own database / file calls when a page is visited. This means that your website will be much better equipped to handle large spikes of traffic. (Known as the Digg effect).

I've split up this article about Caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN up in 4 parts, due to the volume.

  • Introduction to caching, GZIP, Minify & CDN (reading now)
  • Configuring W3 Total Cache. (coming soon)
  • Configuring the CDN (Content Delivery Network). (coming soon)
  • Connect W3 Total Cache and CDN. (coming soon)


Scuttle Spam - reCAPTCHA Scuttle Bookmarking Script

Stop the SPAM! Those who use or own a Scuttle site know the spambot problem all to well. I also got sick and tired of the removal of all the spam users + bookmarks through MySQL.
And since the developer didn't want to make the step to put some minimal defence on this system, I had to. Either that or totally abandon the script.

Scuttle Spam Protection with reCAPTCHA
In this post I will show an example of how to protect your Scuttle script a little better, with the use of reCAPTCHA. It is pretty easy and can be implemented within minutes. (This does not guarantee you will be rid of spam, but should put a pretty good plug in the hole)

Remember to backup all files before you do this. I will not be responsible for people messing up the code.

First register for an account at reCAPTCHA to get your public and private key.
Download their ZIP file containing  recaptchalib.php (Upload recaptchalib.php to your Scuttle Root)

Rank 1 on Webdesigner in Google Denmark

I have alot of really great rankings on subjects from A-Z because of all my directories, but just noticed a new rank 1 on Google Denmark that made me smile a little. Currently I rank nr.1 on the search term "Webdesigner" that directs down to my personal webdesigner page on one of my directories..

In my universe that ought to be one of the harder words to rank good on, as the competition is insane on it, but my page got the #1 spot without any specific SEO work done to achieve it.. I love it when that happends 😀

Happy Easter to everyone

A great HTML editor for your webpages

I used this open source HTML editor quite a few years ago on some of my old pages, and just came by their site again today, so it gets a quick thumbs up from me here.
It is easy to integrate on your forms to turn them into MS Word alike editors with alot of neat options. Can be great for managing your pages looks through an admin interface or used in some other way that can fit your needs.
FCKeditor as it is called, offers integration packs for ASP.Net, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, Java, Active-FoxPro, Lasso, Perl, Python and the editor runs over Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Shared servers for webhosting - You just gotta hate it

Again today I am having trouble with my webhost. And they have no clue on what service and support means. I cannot get a hold on them. Grrrrrrrrrr.  4 of my directories are affected as they are on the same server/ip
System Resources Exceeded.

I am the only to blaim for this, and I need to learn from this right NOW.
Looking at several dedicated servers atm for my directories, so I'm not in the hands on some script noob making deadlocks in his scripts.

Same thing happend christmas eve, I mailed and phoned the support constantly, and they first replied to me the 27th December, and had no clue what had happend.. Wonder how any webhosting company can survive with this kind of support..
I got over 30 domains hosted at them, and they are all getting moved now.

SEO bloggers hacked through WordPress exploit

Seems SEO blogs have been targeted by a hacker who is using an exploit in the WordPress blog.
Several big sites have already been hit, and more hackings has been announced my this guy.
He had a wordpress blog, that got suspended and have now moved to blogspot to inform.

This is a snatch of what he has said his blogspot blog:

Anyways, I just started the first hacking cruzade... The easy targets (WordPress blogs with register_globals=on) using a custom PHP script based on this code

If you have a wordpress blog, you are highly recommended to upgrade it now. Patch 2.07 was released today. Read more here:

More information on this can be found at:
Digital Point

Favicons to brand and get traffic to your webpage

Favicon is something I have known about for many years now as a web developer, but actually never bothered to spend the time to set it up on my sites as I really didn't see the great usage for it. Bling Bling

For some reason I did not see nor predict the many benefits with this little 16x16 icon, and gave me a little bit of an eye opener after reading his blog post about Passive Digital Branding.
With some few and easy steps, you can without any future concerns, brand your logo into many peoples minds through their browser.

All the standards-compliant browsers will show your little icon Global Web Links several places on their browser while they browse on your site. If you are so lucky your guests bookmark your site, then it will also be shown on their bookmark list, and "stand out" among the others that don't use it.
97% of the last sites visited, no icons was to be found. And I can agree on that, I see many many sites daily, and very few have Favicons. This means YOU got a chance to stand out of the crowd. This is a valuable thing on todays internet

How do I get a favicon?
Well, it is so easy, everyone can do this, and will only take a few minutes to do. Let me show you the steps:

  1. You need some software to make the graphical icon. You can get free software to it here:
    This is so easy to use. you simple upload your logo, and this free software transforms it into a compliant format and you can save it to your disk.
  2. Now you need to upload your .ico file to the root of your domain and then insert this code between your <head>... </head>  and voila.
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" >

If you use subdomains, then you need to upload the icon to the subdomains aswell.

Updates on my Directories and related news

Ahh, it must be time for a little update here in 2007.
I have been very busy with some client tasks the past days and will continue the next couple of weeks with their projects.
Nevertheless, I keep my focus on the directories, and try to review as much as possible to keep the queues stable.

Late 2006 and start 2007 have shown me very pleasing results throughout all my directories. More of my backlinks are catching on, and I am getting better and better SERPs for my "niches"
I can mention a couple for Global WebLinks here - Google search on:
Quality directory - Rank #2 (84 million results)
SEO friendly directory - Rank #6 (1.6 million results)
Family friendly directory - Rank #2 (4 million results)

And for my detail pages, I rank extremely well on multi-word searches.. This is a clear sign, that what I have been doing the last year, isn't to bad after all 🙂
Traffic for Global-weblinks has risen to around 1000 uniques a day, and improves daily.

Same on my Danish Regional Directory, which has around 2000 uniques these days. 95% of all searches go directly down to the detail-pages as I had worked on they should. (You can read my post about rel="nofollow" flag for info)

Other news updates are:
Im participating in a couple of contests, and its going ok there to.
One is the "" which shows the best directories for a predefined listing, and woups, I rank #1 on Google with on a standard listing 🙂
The "" is a bit harder, and I'm ranking 15 atm. 1000*factor more pages trying to rank for it, and I belive alot of the best sites, are trying to drive insane backlinks to their pages, so lets call it a SEO contest, and not Directory Contest.
I will probably do the same as eveyrone else is, and drive some hard backlinks to the detail page, as it is allowed in the rules.

Recently got interviewed by, a new Directory forum on the net. You can find the complete interview here:

Well, I guess this goes for my first 2007 post, and when I get the client tasks done, I will be back and updating you some more 🙂

Usage of rel=nofollow on directories. Its not all bad

Ok, I think a post explaining the use of rel=nofollow on some of my directories is in order, so I can explain the very good reasons why I have done this, as there are much confusion on the internet about this tag. Many rate a directory useless if they spot a nofollow tag somewhere on the pages within.*SHHHH. Let me share a secret with you: That belief is not always true*

After some intense testing on my pages, categories and detailpages it became clear that eg. Global WebLinks Directory was leaking its PageRank / PageStrength so fast, that only the first main category pages got some link juice and spreaded it out on the first 20 listings in the main category (Page 1). Some categories have 600+ listings, so that means the directory became pretty useless for 580 other listings in the category.
My mission is to give everyone a fair chance of the link popularity my page can offer, and not only the alphabetically top. Importaint to remember the directory IS free.

A brilliant tag has been made rel="nofollow" where I can try to control the flow of link juice, so with precise and specific usage, I can keep the link juice inward and first spread it out on the detail pages that every listing has in the directory.

I have made a few data flow diagrams to show how the internal / external links is distributed.


Standard Links

This shows the distribution I make. Instead of ALOT of outgoing links on the "linkfarmish" category pages, I throw it all down to the subcategories and detailpages, which will then provide every link in the system with a indexed backlink with moderate strength.

To say it short: I take the high linkstrength from the sites first in alphabeth and give it more equally to all. (Robin Hood style)

I also run a Toplink program (featured listings) and as a thank for their backlink or payment, they are the only ones in the directory without any rel=nofollow flags at all.
You can see a diagram below for TopLinks.


The reason for my confidence relies on many tests done on my Regional Danish Directory and the power of this method has become so so clear.
I get alot of quality traffic now from searchengines, directly down to the high ranking detailpages on the directory. Everybody wins by this. I get more traffic/more indexed pages and higher incomming links chance because of the bigger audience, which serves the detailpages = linkowners in the end.

An explanation of the diagrams:

Diagram explanation

I might add more to the post in time, but guess this goes for a quick explanation.

New Paid Quality Directory created today

alluc1.jpgAfter about 15 hours of work I have my new Paid Directory ready for launch. is my newborn directory, and it will be one of the directories I will continue to work hardest on to get a good and strong directory for the future. (This will mean days, weeks, months, years of promoting it)

The directory is based on my own script used on all my other directories aswell.
The directory will be ad-free. Meaning no adsense or affiliate banners.

It will only accept quality content sites. (Quality over money)
All listings is permanent and will remain to atleast year 2050
I will have a max # listings in each category. Not set yet, but probably 15-20 

Prices for submitting is set high, as this in time will be a high PageRank / Page Strong directory.
- Featured $44.85
- Featured Deep Link $54.85
- Standard $14.85
- Standard Deep Link $24.85
- Standard with Reciprocal (PR2 minimum) $6.85

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