Website screenshots changed on my directory

Until now I have relied on 3. party to deliver my screenshots of the websites I have in my directories.
I started out using, but they only had screenshots of Dmoz registered pages, so I changed it to Alexa that offered a free service until last year.
I noticed a lot of other used and I went on that wagon to, but suddenly the screenshots didn't work anymore. (read: last week)

Soo, now I have decided not to rely on any 3. party to deliver my screenshots / thumbnails anymore. Simple too much work and not stable enough for me and my needs.

I have started out on my regional directory Danske Links and added a local hosted screenshot to every listing in 300*300px and 100*100px (That's 5000 screenshots)

I have automated the process as much as I can, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. The thumbnails/screenshots will give the users a better idea what site they are about to go to, before they actually get there.

Next up is my other directories, starting with Global Weblinks and then I will incorporate on all the others as I get the time to make the appropriate code changes.

Google Maps integration started

I'm working on a little expansion to a couple of my business related directories.

Integration of Google Maps on all detailpages, if the address have been addded under submission.
I still need to work out the last details, and correct my SOAP requests to get correct getcoding from address -> coordinates.

Development is at 80% atm. and I expect to lauch this feature before jan. 2008 if all goes well.

Rating system introduced on my directories

I have been working on a way to let users rate websites in my directories easy and efficiently, and with a minimum of security to prevent bots from voting.
Finally I am ready to launch an AJAX based rating system that allow visitors to quickly rate a website without any need of refreshing the page or problems with browser security.

For a quick example you can check the detailpage of Kongregate an online gaming community.
There you got a Star Rating function ready to use.stars (more…)

Cars Directory in Denmark

Well, it is time to update the blog a bit and why not use the time to advert for my new regional directory for Cars and Cardealers in Denmark called

Directory is based on my own created directory script and my goal is to be one of the leading car & cardealer directory in Denmark. It will be free to submit auto related sites, but I also offer a featured site solution.
International car magazines can freely submit their site at this category. (more…)

URL structure update on my directory script

I have been boggeling with thoughts on how to re-code my directory system so it could handle more seo-friendly URL's for the detailpages.

And yesterday it hit me like a lightning from a clear sky, how I should get this done. 4 hours later and I had it made and it works brilliantly.
If you have no idea what I am talking about, my mission was to make the URL string more readable and unique, and you can se my examples belov (Before / After)

Example of a detailpage url before update:
old url

Example of a detailpage url after update:
new style

So from now on I have the option to give links in the system a unique filename if I want, and will use it on all new links, plus I will update old links in the system as I re-review then over time.

This update has been integrated in the following directories of mine:

Danish Shopping Directory Launched

I had some hours free in my schedule so I took the time to tryout the Pro version of the eSyndiCat Directory script. Even though I have a good Danish Shopping Index going already on my own script, I have long wanted to try out some of the scripts avaliable on the market.

My new site: Danske Webshops

The eSyndiCat Directory script is very easy to setup, and it is easy to change themes that can be downloaded freely.
I didn't see they had a pre-translated version for Danish, so I have translated the site myself and it was extremely easy to change languages in their system. I like that!

I will report back later on this blog and give my complete review on the directory software.
-  So far I'm pretty impressed

Results on the Directory Contest that ended feb. 6

So we got to the final day of the competition and my own directory seems to have been placed on rank 5, which should give a 4th place total.. How about that huh.
I launched at feb 22nd 2006 and almost 1 year later it is able to get a 4th place on a popular international contest for directories.

I am very pleased with the results and I can see all the work I have put into this directory through the last year, pays off. Quality is obtainable by normal people if you put your heart and time into it.

The judges will the next couple of days go through all the results and ban those who have cheated in any way, so the final scorecard might vary.
Below is what Page 1 on Google looks like for the search on ""

Page 1:

Directory ContestOn February 6th 2007, 10 AM P.S.T. we will search Google for and whichever directories are coming up, are going to win the prizes. ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

DirectoryContest.comAsk Directory - Category listings include - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Website Information - Internet DirectoryA SEO contest which is targetting directory where you need to rank for the keyword This DirectoryContest has prizes worth 2100$. - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Romow Web Directory - Web DirectoriesThe directory contest at is conceived to identify which directories offer the most benefit and value to their directory listings. ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - International Directory Contest | Blogs has lanched a cool Directory Contest with the intention of finding the great and strong directories on the internet. - 30k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Listing DetailsListing information about the contest, prizes, rules and how directory owners can participate. - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Web Blogs A blog dedicated to nothing but directory contest. ... Enter your directory at and win cash prizes. ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Biz Dir - DirectoriesThis is the Biz Dir entry into the contest, on the 6th of February if this page is in the top 3 on Google for the phrase ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Links Arena- launched a new type of seo contest to find out the best ... worth 2100$.Winner will be chosen by searching on ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

1 year status on my directories

After 1 year online with my first directories, it is time to do some evaluation of the work and results I have achieved.
Generally I have been working hard on promoting my directories by submitting to hundreds/thousands of other sites and directories. Simultaneously I've been working hard on the internal side by improving the directories on a lot of factors. New designs, new structures, new functions.

In 1 year I have received around 20.000 submissions totally throughout all of my directories. That's pretty amazing, but one also have to realise the amount of useless submissions made. I collect quality and only quality!
To many out there think spending 2 hours on a templated site and pasting it with Adsense ads will make them rich, and would get them inside every directory out there..
Make some quality people, or simply forget it. You are not only wasting your own time, but also every directory owners where you submit your "want to earn money spam".

Well, back to good stuff. I just checked my stats and some searches and this is some of the SERPs I am proud of achieving (regional Danish Google search)
Search term: Links
Placement: #1 with
Results: 2.850.000.000
Search term: Link
Placement: #1 with
Results: 1.420.000.000
Search term: Gratis Link Equivalent to English: Free Link
Placement: #1 with
Results: 7.440.000 
Search term: Tilføj Link Equivalent to English: Add Link
Placement: #1 with
Results: 1.490.000 
- (Google International)

Search term: Quality Directory
Placement: #2 with
Results: 171,000,000 
Search term: Family Friendly Directory
Placement: #2 with
Results: 9,720,000

These do not really give any traffic worth mentioning, but its still some good words and terms to rank on.
I.e. the Danish ones, I rank above on Link & Links.. And guess what they do for a living in their multimillion dollar firm? They do in links/directory and searches.
So breaking them alone is something I can only be proud of. I must be doing something right 🙂

For the future I will keep doing what I do now. Making new quality directories, and maintaining/improving the ones I already have.

New Danish Blogs Directory Launched

Danskeweblogs.dkOk, it did not take me a week but rather 24 hours to re-code and setup the Danish blogs directory I had been thinking of.
Find it here: - Danish Blogs Directory

It will be free to submit blogs to it - like my other directories. The catch is I'm only accepting blogs from Denmark, but that is a large enough market for me anyways, and a neglected market tbh.
I will make sure this new blog directory will be the leading of it's kind in Denmark, by this date in 2008.

If you own a danish blog, I urge you to go submit your blog and feed now.

New website getting launched soon: Danish Blog Directory

It's a thought I've had most of 2006 to make a great directory for Danish blogs only, and yesterday I finally bought my domain to place it on. (Domain will be revealed soon)
Denmark has started to bloom with more and more blogs, and they don't really have any good places to submit them to regionally.

For starters, I will build it up as my traditional directories, but will in time make different functions like:
- Live rss feed viewer on the detail pages.
- Tag clouds.
- Integration of blog and feed search.
- Social bookmarking and blog stats on the detail pages.
- Will try and use Snap thumbnails on this site for the test of it.

I expect a week or so before I have the system setup and the first blogs submitted.

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