Danish Video Sharing site released

avideoen video uploadThe first beta version of my Video Sharing site is ready and released.
With one eye on the TV watching this years 24 hours race Le Mans, I managed to get my video site up and running with the other ^^

I have been through quite a lot with this site and it has been a big experience with some of the many new features I have had to learn to make it work as wanted.
Development is far from over and I will keep focused on it the next couple of weeks (or what it takes).

This site also marks a stop in development of new personal projects as I got some pending clients and have more than enough work in pure maintenance of my sites. The directories alone require a lot of time with reviewing links.

Also working hard on my site with cheats

Enough from me, I will watch the last 2 hours of Le Mans :p

Video sharing site project started today

Soon I will release a video sharing site - just to give it a test run and see what this is about. I'm still in the process of figuring out my language support and general theme of the site, while I get some more experience in FFMpeg hosting in general.
In basic it will work much like the famous YouTube everyone knows. Should be possible to upload videos of your own choice and have the ability to send video comments in through your own webcam.
Will try to build a community around the site and make it a site where you can easily host your videos.

A general themed video site will probably be to big a mouthful to take and YouTube is great at covering that market. I believe this video site should be on a specific niche for most success.

I'm testing several finished scripts available and will determine if I can use anything already build or if I should built my own. Hopefully I can get my long list of requirements fulfilled by the first choice, and thereby save a lot of time in development.

I made the mistake last time on my Danish News Site to reveal the domain name while I was still developing the actual site, which ended up in a big amount of new visitors and general users who was using an unfinished site. Gave me a bit of overwork - so this time I will just reveal I am working on a site to share videos and the actual domain will come later as I am pleased with the result.

To be continued.....

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