Michael Rasmussen kicked from Tour de France - A sad day

As a Dane, I have been following Tour de France intense, and yesterdays big news - M. Rasmussen suspended from Rabobank, and pulled out of the Tour de France while he was in the yellow jersey and stood to win the whole race.


I have been watching Le Tour de France for the last 15+ years with great joy, but this scenario has just grown over my head.

The Press have been on a witchhunt and finally they brought him down to his knees - Not that he has been testet positive for any doping, but rather some lose fact about he had been spotted in Italy while he claims to have been in Mexico. A word vs word case, but Rasmussen have already been accused, judged and executed by Rabobank..

I trust Michael Rasmussen until I see some crystal clear evidense against him, and feel the whole suspension case here was made as a panic attack from the leaders on the Rabobank team. They have made so many misjudgements and this is just the topping on the cake.

I really hope Michael Rasmussen will get the strength to fight back and reclaim some of his trust. I know many of his fans wont judge him before some clear evidence is put forward.

The riders from Tour de France who have been caught in doping have rightfully been removed from the race and I can 100% understand that. But this is just rumor based and is breaking a great man! A fucked world tbh.

I will be writing more about cycling on my dedicated blog. And if you live in Denmark, you can get a good solid bike / cykel at Coop Danmark - we just bought 2.

Back from a good vacation in Turkey

Ok I am back from a very good vacation with my family. We went to the southern Turkey - Marmaris and hit a week with extreme temperatures. We had 56C degrees one of the days and that broke a 27 year record for the area we where in.
I can not complain though, as the weather is the main reason for us to travel down there. (Want to get away from our own rainy/windy summer in Denmark)

A couple of pictures from there:

Excellent Beaches. Felt like a kid again jumping around trying to catch the biggest waves 🙂1.jpg

Vacation notice

I will be out of the office from june 23. to july 2. and will enjoy my vacation completely.

No sites will be reviewed in this period on my directories, but I will check my mail for the most urgent matters.

Scuba Diving blog in Danish created

As a personal side project a new blog has been made about scuba diving.

Dykning i Danmark ~ Diving in Denmark


Finally I have acquired a complete equipment set for scuba diving and so has my buddy here in Denmark, so from now on I will log all our dives national and international online.
The blog is running on WordPress software and a customized theme.

I have decided to keep the language in Danish as my main audience for this is Danes / Scandinavian.

As a diver we are used to log all our dives in a little personal logbook, writing things down like temperature, sight range, air used, equipment used and writing what we experience down-under.
So what I have here is simply to take the paper format and making it digital and for others to read and get good ideas on i.e. locations to dive.

The first message on my blog!

Well, first of all: Welcome to my new blog.
Iv made a ton of webpages in my time, but never tried out blogging. So here goes.

The intention with this blog is to inform about the things I find interesting or want to share with others.
My main audience with time will probable be webmasters and people with interest in SEO.

Guess that goes for a first entry in the blog 🙂

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