Reviving my blog again

I have decided to bring this blog back to life. It has been almost a year since my last post due to many other projects that kept me busy, but now I want to make the time to update this blog some more with different guides and tips for webmasters.

When I blog online, it is usually done on my danish webmaster blog, but I figure many of my posts also fit the international audience, so I will try to make some english translations and post them here. You can expect to find a mix of SEO and WordPress tips.

News and updates from me - it's about time

It has been a while since my last update on this blog, so feel it is time to update those who have any interest in what I am doing.
First of all I have updated this blog to the latest version (used a 1½ year old wp version) - the update screwed most of my posts up with weird characters here and there.
All my former posts have been manually updated, removed the weird characters, removed old/broken links, updated tags from Simple Tags to the built in tags WP use now.

Since I started this blog in 2006 my work has become more and more regional based (Danish) - and this is the main reason this specific blog hasn't been updated much.

Some might have noticed I added 2 flags in the top right corner of this blog. I started a Danish blog not long ago on this domain that I update quite frequently - check that out if you want to read what I am up to. (Use if you want to translate it to danish)

This English blog will still remain and I will update it when there are some info that I want to share to the international audience.

Enough from me - it is weekend and time to relax

Danish Video Sharing site released

avideoen video uploadThe first beta version of my Video Sharing site is ready and released.
With one eye on the TV watching this years 24 hours race Le Mans, I managed to get my video site up and running with the other ^^

I have been through quite a lot with this site and it has been a big experience with some of the many new features I have had to learn to make it work as wanted.
Development is far from over and I will keep focused on it the next couple of weeks (or what it takes).

This site also marks a stop in development of new personal projects as I got some pending clients and have more than enough work in pure maintenance of my sites. The directories alone require a lot of time with reviewing links.

Also working hard on my site with cheats

Enough from me, I will watch the last 2 hours of Le Mans :p

Social bookmarking site in Denmark

socbo - social bookmarksWith a little rush I have created a social bookmarking site for Danes - a clone of the famous many of us know and use.
Riisager beat me to it with his release of 1 day before me, but I am sure we both appreciate the competition and together can help broaden the awareness of social bookmarking sites in Denmark.
It is all about exploring new territories and this is something I love about the internet. New untouched possibilities arise all the time and free for us all to grab out and get.

My first social community site - General News, is still going good with 228 registered members at this time. I have been pondering for some time now with some ideas to launch a bookmarking website and a video sharing website.

I started the development on the Video site and have been on it some weeks now, but with the release of Riisagers social bookmarking site yesterday, I changed my priority and launched quite quickly today.

Next couple of days will be used to close bugs and improve the site where I see fit.
I have a thought about making a plugin button for both FF and IE so users easy can add new sites.

After these adjustments, I will continue on the Video Sharing site. More info on this site will come later. Also see my latest page about Broadband in Denmark.

Update: Due to heavy spam on the Scuttle script, I have made a post about how to Protect a Scuttle site from Spam.

Cheat codes for games - Snydekoder - Yet a new project

One week ago I bought an old Danish domain - Snydekoder -, after the previous owner gave up on it. They had a major crash in 2007 where they lost over 20.000 cheat codes over night and failed to recover the databases. The previous owners tried a couple of times to rebuild it back to what it used to be, but gave up after a couple of tries.
(Note to everyone: Remember to backup your databases/files regularly ^^)

I have started the site from scratch with some fresh software and the goal is make a great place for Danes to find their cheat codes (snydekoder) for any game they like. (Yeah I know there are some great international sites with cheat codes, but many Danes like it served to them in Danish if possible.)

Since I have quite a lot of experience with directories, this challenge was not so scary to me.
I have started with a general directory script and reprogrammed it a bit too only show articles in form of cheat codes.
Besides the actual cheat codes, I have also made a blog about cheat codes and a forum to share cheat codes for the site. This should give the users a better chance to communicate and help each other.

Right now the database only contains around 100 cheat codes, but new codes are submitted / approved daily. It will take some time (read years) to get the site back on track, but I'm pretty sure it will go quite good.

Any comments on the site, improvements etc. are more than welcome 🙂

Updates from me & short info on - The big buzz in Denmark

Well, it has been a while since my last update so a little summary since last update is in place.
I have been working on several client projects lately and helping with everything from design, new functions to search engine optimization (søgemaskineoptimering). Client names will not be mentioned as they seek privacy in who developed their systems. (Their wish - my command)

My Danish digg-clone site also got a couple of updates on the way (new server) and made a better Vote Now button for better performance for the end users along side with a more stable button, meaning if my site go down, it will not influence the users who use this button on their website/blog.
I have also coded a button generator so you can specify the colors you wish on your button.
The visitor count still varies much and the site still needs to settle more in with the Danes. My guess is a PR update might inspire more to submit news and stories to the site. Time will tell.

I have also been working on my Danish Brands Directory a bit and fine tuned some functions so it is more up-to date with my current versioning of my Directory Script.
I can only hope more English written Danish websites will submit their site here - it looks like it is starting to go the right way with many recent submissions. Keep them coming please 🙂


Latest updates and news from my end

I guess it is time for a little update on the stuff that has been going on in my company Koala Designs lately.

Together with a friend from US, I will in the near future release a link spy service in Denmark, for webmasters to keep track of any kinds of backlinks they got.
Often website owners have special partner link deals, bought links (oh noo) or similar they want to keep track on, and this new service will do that for them and inform by email if any changes are made where the links are placed..
Also options as bulk upload of all your partnerlinks and customizing how and when you want to be noted of link changes. (instant, daily, weekly etc.)
Can track anything from nofollow tags to 302, 301 redirects.

No need to manually check the other sites to make sure they live up to your deal.

I have personally used this service for some time, and I simply love it and soon will share with the rest of Denmark.

There will be a small fee to use this service, depending on the number of links you want to track, but it sure is worth it, looking at time and effort saved on checking the same backlinks over and over again.
I will give more information on this blog when the site and service is up and running.


aNyhed - News site for Danes

I better mention one of my new projects - a digg like clone in Danish I started jan 19 2008.
The principle is straight forward: You can submit news of any kind and other members can vote for that particular news / story. Only the most popular stories will hit the front page of

anyhed screenshot


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