Scuttle Spam - reCAPTCHA Scuttle Bookmarking Script

Stop the SPAM! Those who use or own a Scuttle site know the spambot problem all to well. I also got sick and tired of the removal of all the spam users + bookmarks through MySQL.
And since the developer didn't want to make the step to put some minimal defence on this system, I had to. Either that or totally abandon the script.

Scuttle Spam Protection with reCAPTCHA
In this post I will show an example of how to protect your Scuttle script a little better, with the use of reCAPTCHA. It is pretty easy and can be implemented within minutes. (This does not guarantee you will be rid of spam, but should put a pretty good plug in the hole)

Remember to backup all files before you do this. I will not be responsible for people messing up the code.

First register for an account at reCAPTCHA to get your public and private key.
Download their ZIP file containing  recaptchalib.php (Upload recaptchalib.php to your Scuttle Root)

Gamesite launched - Game not over

A new international game site has been released Game not Over. This is a social community site where you can submit new gaming related stories, game reviews, game previews, cheats for games and game videos. As a user you can vote on the stories you find interesting.

The most popular news entries will be posted on the frontpage, so remember to vote 🙂

Site will both be updated by users and through RSS feeds from some of the best sources on the net.

To cover both the international market and my danish regional market I have made a danish clone of this site at

Electronic chain letter - You have been tagged!

Today I noticed that I have been tagged by a Danish SEO colleague Lars Bachmann, so I better not let it stop at me.

Rules are quite simple for this electronic chain letter.

  1. Pick up the nearest book.
  2. Open on page 123.
  3. Find the fifth sentence.
  4. Post the next three sentences.
  5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

The nearest book I have is on my nightstand and is called The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien.
My bookmark is on page 125 ^^ - anyhow on page 123, fifth sentence I find:

"From the meeting of his arms he flowed south for forty leagues before he found his tributaries; and before he found the sea he was twice as long as Sirion, though less wide and full, for more rain fell in Hithlum and Dorthonion, whence Sirion drew his waters, than in the east."

I will tag Thomas Eriksen, Pål Heick, Frank C, Claus M, Søren H. Møller

New game tool for Fallen Sword - Find buffers easy

Yesterday I spent some hours to develop a little tool in AJAX/JavaScript/VB/ASP for a game I enjoy playing when I need a break from RL

Fallen Sword is a browser based massive multiplayer online game (MMO). Pretty simple and retro, but I still like it.

The tool will help players find specific buffers quicker than normal. Select a Buff/Skill in the dropdown menu and you will get a list of potential buffers, the level of buff and price.

find buff fallen sword

I have also coded the rest of the Fallen Empire Guild site.
Players or representatives will fill the database with data and hope it will come in handy for everyone in time. (I know it will at least help me)

I have made a request to the developers behind the game, to get a chance to make SOAP requests to the game servers, so I can further enhance this tool. Hope they will allow it.



Free games portal created in Denmark

As I am in between projects right now, I have used a couple of days on a new site in my private portfolio.
It is a regular free flash games site for now. It will be expanded with many categories and I am only trying to get the quality games around I can find.

de gratis spil


Starcraft 2 - What to come

I am a huge fan of Blizzards Starcraft and must be the game I have spent most hours with online/offline.

This is the most balanced game I know of, and gameplay is in top and very rare to find. And now Starcraft 2 is on its way. Wuhuu.

Found 2 videos from the game and it looks sweeet. Could look like Blizzard did it again!

--Removed videos as they where removed from source--

More information can be found on my directory Starcraft II Unveiled

Casino Games Directory made today

AboveAllCasinoGames.comThe casino market seems to have a keen interest in submitting to directories, as I daily get some casino related site submitted to mine. And with inspiration from my good friend Frank, I used the day to setup a new directory dedicated to Casino Game sites. 🙂
Again I want to make it grow into a quality directory over the comming years, so the fees are set pretty high for a completely new directory.
Over time I might remove my poker and casino category from my other directories and keep all gambling related sites strictly to: This is something I will decide over time.

Telemarketer getting as deserved

A friend just sent me this, and it is just to funny, so have to share it with you.
Everyone know the pestillence of the Telemarketers and now it is payback time.

I wish I had those vocal skills to pull something like this off 🙂


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