Contest for Directories has ended. I got a 4. place

Today Mike at announced the winners of the contest among directory owners around the world.

I am very pleased to see my directory Global Web Links Directory ended at an overall 4. place in the competition. You can see the Top 10 here: Link removed as official page is down

Looks like I won a little money prize.
- Got $50 sponsored by

Results on the Directory Contest that ended feb. 6

So we got to the final day of the competition and my own directory seems to have been placed on rank 5, which should give a 4th place total.. How about that huh.
I launched at feb 22nd 2006 and almost 1 year later it is able to get a 4th place on a popular international contest for directories.

I am very pleased with the results and I can see all the work I have put into this directory through the last year, pays off. Quality is obtainable by normal people if you put your heart and time into it.

The judges will the next couple of days go through all the results and ban those who have cheated in any way, so the final scorecard might vary.
Below is what Page 1 on Google looks like for the search on ""

Page 1:

Directory ContestOn February 6th 2007, 10 AM P.S.T. we will search Google for and whichever directories are coming up, are going to win the prizes. ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

DirectoryContest.comAsk Directory - Category listings include - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Website Information - Internet DirectoryA SEO contest which is targetting directory where you need to rank for the keyword This DirectoryContest has prizes worth 2100$. - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Romow Web Directory - Web DirectoriesThe directory contest at is conceived to identify which directories offer the most benefit and value to their directory listings. ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - International Directory Contest | Blogs has lanched a cool Directory Contest with the intention of finding the great and strong directories on the internet. - 30k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Listing DetailsListing information about the contest, prizes, rules and how directory owners can participate. - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Web Blogs A blog dedicated to nothing but directory contest. ... Enter your directory at and win cash prizes. ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Biz Dir - DirectoriesThis is the Biz Dir entry into the contest, on the 6th of February if this page is in the top 3 on Google for the phrase ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Links Arena- launched a new type of seo contest to find out the best ... worth 2100$.Winner will be chosen by searching on ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Cached - Similar pages - Note this | 3 days left

The end date for the directory contest among directory owners is quickly coming to an end.
3 more days and we will see what the judges come up with.

At the moment my entry is at 6. place in Google, and with recent news on some of the top ranking might be breaking general rules it might end even better.
Google show 611.000 results for the term now, so ending on page 1 is something I can only be proud about.
I know my uniquely build directory is a good and strong one. Now more people will also see this ^^

Next update from me on this will be when the judges have announced the winners on their site.

The competition is coming to an end

13 days left on the contest among webdirectory owners worldwide.
I am participating with one directory and this is one of my last updates on the progress as I have a large heap of work waiting for me the next few weeks.

As of now, 458,000 pages have been found on the search term "" which is quite good for this kind a contest.
Today my entry with has rocketed up to an overall 3. place from a 7. place where I was resting comfortably the last couple of weeks. I hope it can stay that way to the end 🙂
With SERPs you have to know nothing is guaranteed until the end. (Some might remember how the top changed in 15 minutes on the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem contest last year.)
So no time to enjoy any fruits yet, I'm going back to work, and will keep improving the directories that I got running and invite you to submit your own quality sites.

20 days left on

Ok, while I wait for my new domain to get activated *tap tap tap* I might aswell make a quick update on the ongoing competition I'm participating in with my directory at:

I have been at 7th position the last couple of days and that is just awsome! The directory is something I started out just for fun and have grown to become quite a good resource for webmaster seeking quality backlinks.

Google results show some good and strong directories at the first positions, and is returning 335.000 results on the term "" atm.

I expect the directoryowners will get a little crazy the last 20 days in stuffing backlinks to their listing to get into the prizes, and that is pretty unavoidable, as the rules allow offsite backlinks.
I wish the competitors good luck and personally hope I can end within the first 10. We'll see what happends 🙂

Updates on my Directories and related news

Ahh, it must be time for a little update here in 2007.
I have been very busy with some client tasks the past days and will continue the next couple of weeks with their projects.
Nevertheless, I keep my focus on the directories, and try to review as much as possible to keep the queues stable.

Late 2006 and start 2007 have shown me very pleasing results throughout all my directories. More of my backlinks are catching on, and I am getting better and better SERPs for my "niches"
I can mention a couple for Global WebLinks here - Google search on:
Quality directory - Rank #2 (84 million results)
SEO friendly directory - Rank #6 (1.6 million results)
Family friendly directory - Rank #2 (4 million results)

And for my detail pages, I rank extremely well on multi-word searches.. This is a clear sign, that what I have been doing the last year, isn't to bad after all 🙂
Traffic for Global-weblinks has risen to around 1000 uniques a day, and improves daily.

Same on my Danish Regional Directory, which has around 2000 uniques these days. 95% of all searches go directly down to the detail-pages as I had worked on they should. (You can read my post about rel="nofollow" flag for info)

Other news updates are:
Im participating in a couple of contests, and its going ok there to.
One is the "" which shows the best directories for a predefined listing, and woups, I rank #1 on Google with on a standard listing 🙂
The "" is a bit harder, and I'm ranking 15 atm. 1000*factor more pages trying to rank for it, and I belive alot of the best sites, are trying to drive insane backlinks to their pages, so lets call it a SEO contest, and not Directory Contest.
I will probably do the same as eveyrone else is, and drive some hard backlinks to the detail page, as it is allowed in the rules.

Recently got interviewed by, a new Directory forum on the net. You can find the complete interview here:

Well, I guess this goes for my first 2007 post, and when I get the client tasks done, I will be back and updating you some more 🙂

Update on Directory Contest -

Just a very quick update on the recent contest I have decided to participate in
Looks like I jumped up to a 12th place on the first crawl/indexing Result page. Thats quite ok. Now the detail page just has to get a little time to suck the wonderful juice out of the internal links strengths, and I should rocket up on 1. page 😀 search result

If I wanted, then I could have tweaked a real nice category with both keywords "directory" and "contest", but dont think its wise to turn it into a 100% SEO contest.
This IS about finding the strong directories, and not the best SEO experts.

more info will follow as I get the results pages checked

Further update 15. dec:
I have not been able to find anything in the rules about number of entries pr. person allowed, so decided for the heck of it to add my brand new paid directory AllUcDirectory in the
I do not expect anything from this at all, and cannot expect anything from a site less than a week old.

Further update 30. dec.
Have been working alot the past few weeks, and have just made a check on the rankings again and will update here: fell 2 places and is at 14th position has climbed to 29th position a Contest for Directories

Directory Contest at directorycontest.comI just found this Directory Contest through my favorite forum DP. Its a great competition between directory owners, to show how good and strong their directory is.
Winners will be the top 10 directories that show up on Google search on the Directory Contests webpage ""
End date for the contest is February 6. 2007, 10 AM P.S.T

Prizes are donated by several sponsors, and the total prizesum keeps going up as more sponsors join in.


1. Prize $2000
2. Prize $400
3. Prize $200
+ alot of other goodies. See the current prizes here

I love this. After working hard all year with theese directories I own, I can finally put one of them to the test. I'm gonna use Global WebLinks Directory as my entry. (The wise thing might have been to put it up on my strongest directory, but I really like to try my international directory on this, as it is my plan to improve this directory alot in the new year and it will be my Flag Ship 🙂 )
The directory have had a really hard ride after I made a complete site structure change this summer. Google did not like that change, and I was out in the void for 2 months, and now ... slowly ... returning to what I would expect of my directory. Traffic is going up by the day, and my audience is turning over to "normal people" from SE and not just webmasters looking for a free link.

Only sad thing is I first spot this competition now 🙂 But I'm sure it will go ok
If you own a directory, then join this contest. I really recommend it!

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