SEO Contest ended. Final placement 15

Ok the recent contest has come to an end, and personally I got a 15th place which derived by my 6th place in Yahoo.
I am pretty satisfied by the results - thinking of how little time I used on the actual site and backlinking.

Below is some final scorecards so you can see the winners. (more…)

19 days left on Globalwarming Awareness2007 Contest

So we are comming closer to the end date of the biggest SEO contest ever. 19 days are remaining and my site Globalwarming Awareness2007 is still doing very good in the contest. In this minute I actually have the 3. place in the contest with best rank in Yahoo.
It is a shame the offcial site do not use time on updating their score card/leaderboard, but then it's good others are 🙂

The last couple of days my site has been bouncing between 1. and 3. place on Yahoo search and this is the recent total score card for the contest. (more…)

My Global Warming Awareness 2007 site

Well, it has been a while since I wrote anything about the Globalwarming Awareness2007 contest I'm participating in.
Most of my time the last couple of months has gone into clients and their websites. Development and SEO.

My rankings in the contest have not been to impressive, but that is what can be expected when no time has been put into updating the site and keep getting fresh backlinks. The normal rankings I have seen the last months for my site is around:
Google - Ranking between 40-60
Yahoo - Ranking between 10-20
MSN - Ranking between 30-200

But to my surprise as I started this thread, I noticed my site jumped to a 2th position in Yahoo. Well well, thats nice to see. 9 point is my best score so far. Maybe I should give this contest a second chance 🙂
Current Rankings for Globalwarming Awareness2007 Denmark:
globalwarming awareness2007 score

Again, if anyone out there have a site and want to help me with backlinks, please let me know. I'm sure I can compensate with other good backlinks back to you - as thanks.

Contest for Directories has ended. I got a 4. place

Today Mike at announced the winners of the contest among directory owners around the world.

I am very pleased to see my directory Global Web Links Directory ended at an overall 4. place in the competition. You can see the Top 10 here: Link removed as official page is down

Looks like I won a little money prize.
- Got $50 sponsored by

Results on the Directory Contest that ended feb. 6

So we got to the final day of the competition and my own directory seems to have been placed on rank 5, which should give a 4th place total.. How about that huh.
I launched at feb 22nd 2006 and almost 1 year later it is able to get a 4th place on a popular international contest for directories.

I am very pleased with the results and I can see all the work I have put into this directory through the last year, pays off. Quality is obtainable by normal people if you put your heart and time into it.

The judges will the next couple of days go through all the results and ban those who have cheated in any way, so the final scorecard might vary.
Below is what Page 1 on Google looks like for the search on ""

Page 1:

Directory ContestOn February 6th 2007, 10 AM P.S.T. we will search Google for and whichever directories are coming up, are going to win the prizes. ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

DirectoryContest.comAsk Directory - Category listings include - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Website Information - Internet DirectoryA SEO contest which is targetting directory where you need to rank for the keyword This DirectoryContest has prizes worth 2100$. - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Romow Web Directory - Web DirectoriesThe directory contest at is conceived to identify which directories offer the most benefit and value to their directory listings. ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - International Directory Contest | Blogs has lanched a cool Directory Contest with the intention of finding the great and strong directories on the internet. - 30k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Listing DetailsListing information about the contest, prizes, rules and how directory owners can participate. - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Web Blogs A blog dedicated to nothing but directory contest. ... Enter your directory at and win cash prizes. ... - 13k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Biz Dir - DirectoriesThis is the Biz Dir entry into the contest, on the 6th of February if this page is in the top 3 on Google for the phrase ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Links Arena- launched a new type of seo contest to find out the best ... worth 2100$.Winner will be chosen by searching on ... - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this - Cached - Similar pages - Note this | 3 days left

The end date for the directory contest among directory owners is quickly coming to an end.
3 more days and we will see what the judges come up with.

At the moment my entry is at 6. place in Google, and with recent news on some of the top ranking might be breaking general rules it might end even better.
Google show 611.000 results for the term now, so ending on page 1 is something I can only be proud about.
I know my uniquely build directory is a good and strong one. Now more people will also see this ^^

Next update from me on this will be when the judges have announced the winners on their site.

I thank the contributors and current standings overview

To thank the different Danish websites that is supporting me, I have created a page on my Danish directory, where every contributor gets a permanent backlink from a trusted site.
I am thinking of doing the same on Global Web Links Directory, to thank the international sites helping with link support atm.

The "Thank You" pages will be placed permanent on my directories, and will both gain a minimum PR4. (Support me 3 months, and get lifetime backlink. Some are able to see the benefit in this)

Current scores & standings:
Well, there have been a lot of up's and down's on the ranking pages. Here is a short resume of my scores. Note: Only counts in the competition.

First found in SERP:2007-01-20 10:00 CMT
Last found in SERP:2007-01-30 14:00 CMT
Current Google Rank:23
Best Google Rank:13
Current Yahoo Rank:105
Best Yahoo Rank:18
Current Msn Rank:N/A
Best Msn Rank:N/A

First found in SERP:2007-01-20 05:39 CMT
Last found in SERP:2007-01-30 14:00 CMT
Current Google Rank:182
Best Google Rank:30
Current Yahoo Rank:53
Best Yahoo Rank:25
Current Msn Rank:58
Best Msn Rank:1

First found in SERP:2007-01-20 07:38 CMT
Last found in SERP:2007-01-30 14:00 CMT
Current Google Rank:107
Best Google Rank:43
Current Yahoo Rank:N/A
Best Yahoo Rank:139
Current Msn Rank:N/A
Best Msn Rank:N/A

Just noticed my blog here has been at 1. position on MSN.. Thats nice

Contest news: | globalwarming awareness2007

Ok I've just had a moment to check the rankings, and my directory has dropped a few spots. From place 3 to 6, and we only got 9 days left on the deadline.
There is not really much I will do to try and improve the rank. If I end in top 10, I will be very pleased with the outcome. At the moment over 500k websites show results on the search term. That's very impressive, and a good job they did at promoting this competition.

I have a high respect for all the directories in the competition, and especially those ranking good on this term. It clearly shows they know what they are doing.
Many dir-owners have learned a lot about their own directory and competitors, and this can only improve the field of directories.

After Feb. 6th I will be able to focus some more energy into the seo competition I'm participating in. Globalwarming Awareness2007. Some of my competitors are really going wild on this one, sucking hundreds of new backlinks daily.

The competition is coming to an end

13 days left on the contest among webdirectory owners worldwide.
I am participating with one directory and this is one of my last updates on the progress as I have a large heap of work waiting for me the next few weeks.

As of now, 458,000 pages have been found on the search term "" which is quite good for this kind a contest.
Today my entry with has rocketed up to an overall 3. place from a 7. place where I was resting comfortably the last couple of weeks. I hope it can stay that way to the end 🙂
With SERPs you have to know nothing is guaranteed until the end. (Some might remember how the top changed in 15 minutes on the V7ndotcom Elursrebmem contest last year.)
So no time to enjoy any fruits yet, I'm going back to work, and will keep improving the directories that I got running and invite you to submit your own quality sites.

Status on the GlobalWarming Awareness2007 contest

Ok, a lot have happened the first 6 days in the Globalwarming Awareness2007 SEO contest. I will try sum up the things I have noticed.
Google was the fastest SE to catch up on the results, then came Yahoo and MSN as the last one.
Right now around 600.000 pages have been indexed for the search term. Wow

I made my first mistake at launch day, as I was too impatient with my host to get the domain ready. So I just sneaked a couple of backlinks in to my new domain from my directory Global Web Links..  Big big mistake!
Google got a hold on the link from my directory 25 minutes after I set it up and that resulted in Google tried to crawl my new non-existent contest page, returning a DNS error to Googles crawler.
Ugh. That put my www. domain in a holding line for so far 6 days, and I am the only one to blame. Grrr, damn impatience.

The 17th Google found my GlobalWarming Awareness2007 subdomain, crawled and indexed it, but after 1 day, it got removed from the SERPs again.

The 20th Google decided to give my www. domain a new chance, crawled all my pages, and indexed my page as the only one, even though I had 6 pages crawled from the www. domain.

Now today the 21th I realised the last indexed page have also been removed from the SERPs. But I surely expect it to be temporary and all my pages should show up soon, and hopefully rank well.

But lesson learned - Never ever promote a domain where the DNS isn't setup yet. I've never really had a use to do this in the past, and now I sure know not to do it in the future as well 🙂
Would have been fun to be among the first to rank well, but I buried myself on this one.

The initial pages have been setup and I will now keep the focus on backlinks

Update 2 hours later:
Ok things happen fast here, and I'm back into the serps.
Directorylink, just for the link love of it 🙂 Global Warming Awareness2007

My entries on the score card: ( is not competing)

Jan 21 2007

Jan 23 2007
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