Claus HeinrichWell then. Time to explain who I am and what I do for a living.

I'm 37 years old, live in Denmark and my goal is to earn enough online so I can keep working on personal projects and the ideas I keep getting. I would also like to travel more around the world with my backpack. Its been to long since I had my last vacation.
Throughout the last 11-12 years, I have been working with different kinds of web development projects. Had my own websolution company untill december 2005.

2006 I have mostly been looking for new challenges and I have had some spare time to tryout some of my private projects I'v had in mind the last couple of years.
So in january 2006 I launched http://www.danskelinks.dk/ - A danish regional directory. It quickly became a good succes for me, with loads of positive response from users, thanking for the increased trafic and sales.
That made me want to expand this directory thought, so I have made a couple of more directories, both general and niche and more importaint: International. They are all running smoothly now, and I love to maintain and further develop them.

2007 update:
I have recreated my former company Koala Designs January 2007. My old company webpage is strictly danish and very outdated. It's on the todo list.

You can contact me on e-mail: admin[@]clausheinrich.com (remove the brackets [])

2012 update:

If you want to connect, you can find me on  & Twitter


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  1. […] directory is based on my own script used on all my other directories aswell. The directory will be ad-free. Meaning no adsense or affiliate banners. […]

    New Paid Quality Directory created today | Claus Heinrich - Webmaster Blog

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